About Us

First, Tam Luc Corporation  thanks customers for interested in our products and  our services.

To help customer more choice suppliers, thereby opening up opportunities for the development of both sides, Tam Luc are pleased to offer products and services as follows:

1. Processing and manufacturing of mechanical equipment:

- Water treatment equipment: Sedimentation equipment ; Pressure filtration equipment; Chemical tanks; Wates and Chemical storage tank, Mix tank; Ultrafilter tank; Handrail operation; Heat exchangers; Dosing device...

- Air Pollution treatment equipment: Exhaust fans; Absorption tower; Adsorption towers, Piping...

- Office and Furniture decoration: Leg tables; Iron shelves; Product shelves; Table frame; Frame; Office desk; Student table...

2. Provide -  supply water equipments: filter; metering pump; water pumps; UV light; ozone equipment; solenoid valve; composite tank ...

3. Installation Service:

- Supplywater treatment system.

- Wastewater treatment system.

- Electric control system, PLC programming, Touch screen.

4. Maintenance services:

- Maintenance of water treatment systems.

- Maintenance of electrical systems.

- Upgrading and repairing systems.